Hi. I'm Miri.

I was born in Philadelphia, made my home in New York, and now reside in Melbourne, Australia. I started my career in musical theater, transitioned to primarily film and commercial work, and am finally returning to my roots as a singer/songwriter in one of the most musical cities in the world!

During my tenure in NYC, I wrote, produced, directed, and starred in award-winning web series Mythoswas signed to EMI Music with vocal group Bell'Aria, and did some voiceover work for a tiny little thing called Pokémon.

Now that I'm in Melbourne, I dabble in acting while focusing on music (averaging gigs once a week!), and am gearing up to record my first EP. I'm also developing a new web series that will feature a soundtrack comprising music I've written. 

Recently ...

• I wrote and recorded the piano score for Brooklyn-shot short film "The Other Side"

• I was accepted to Melbourne Polytechnic's Diploma of Music program for 2017

• I shot a gloriously bloody death scene in short film "Convenience"

Stuff I like.

Coffee + pie, Miyazaki, my nieces/nephew, The Lies of Locke Lamora, the Jazz Age, Disney World, sleeping, Speaker for the Dead, trying new beers, traveling, baking, Wawa, Halloween, diners (not available in Australia!!!), hot sauce, Sabriel (Old Kingdom Trilogy), coloring books, Narnia, Tad Williams, lemon tea + honey, Taco Bell.