Hi. I'm Miri.

Philadelphia native, spent years in New York, now making my home in Melbourne, Australia. Scrappy city hippie. Hobbit wino. Rapunzel post-haircut.

I started my career in musical theater, transitioned to film and commercial work, and have finally returned to my roots as a singer/songwriter in one of the most musical cities in the world.

During my tenure in NYC, I wrote, produced, directed, and starred in award-winning web series Mythoswas signed to EMI Music with vocal group Bell'Aria, and did some voiceover work for a tiny little thing called Pok√©mon. I have worked professionally as an actress, singer, voiceover artist, commercial and print model, film editor, writer, director, and producer.

In 2017, I am completing a music diploma at Melbourne Polytechnic while filming my new series, recording a couple of EPs, and writing a first draft of a musical.

I am unabashedly liberal and outspoken in my politics. I consider myself a raging feminist witch lady, constantly-learning ally of the LGBTQ+ community and indigenous peoples, someone who believes Black Lives Matter, and a proponent of free (/safe) love. This is inseparable from my art and will always be that way.

You can find me getting political on Twitter, getting goofy on Instagram, and posting meatier stuff about projects and issues on Facebook.

Stuff I like.

Coffee + pie, Miyazaki, my nieces/nephew, The Lies of Locke Lamora, the Jazz Age, Disney, sleep, Speaker for the Dead, beers, travel, baking, Chisel, foooooood, Wawa, Halloween, diners (not available in Australia!!!), hot sauce, Sabriel (Old Kingdom Trilogy), coloring books, Narnia, Tad Williams, wine, Taco Bell.