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A political sci-fi short film tackling fertility, pregnancy, partnership and parenthood, and the choices women make daily -- to believe in each other and themselves.

I wrote, co-produced, and am editing this short film that I'm now developing as a feature. Filming wrapped in October 2019.

Stephanie Bonner

director, producer, Elaine

Stephanie and I have worked together on multiple projects, most recently on her indie pilot Stripped (she wrote, directed, produced, and played a supporting role; I edited and helped variously on set). She also plays controversial public figure Elaine Watson.

Miriam Pultro

writer, producer, Ingrid

For this project, I wanted to be able to focus primarily on acting as Ingrid, a married mother who finds herself expecting unexpectedly (though of course there's no getting out of producing). I'm currently editing Genesis to premiere on the 2020 festival circuit.

Tine DiLucia

director of photography

Having worked with Steph previously on "Project: Girl," Tine was brought in because of her incredible style and great co-working reputation. A Norwegian DP living in NYC, she's worked every type of set there is, and prides herself in both fostering inclusive environments and putting the story first.

Grace Gray

Dr. Beth Madison

Ingrid's best friend and OB/GYN.

Benvolio Tomaiuolo


Ingrid's co-worker, a nurse.

Daphnee McMaster


A brilliant hacker who helps Ingrid uncover some crucial information.

John Brodsky


Ingrid's husband.

Jade Litaker

Dr. Danielle Wood

A prominent obstetrician who becomes the focus of Ingrid's search for information.

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