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I write melodic, melancholy music that centers the human voice.

Born to two theater artists, Ive been making music since I was wee. In addition to singing in musical theater, I fronted a rock band in college, was signed to Manhattan Records with vocal group BellAria, and I perform my own music on occasion as a singer-songwriter (sometimes under the moniker Gullveig).


There's Only So Much Self-Care One Can Do
Quarantine: The Musical
(written by me March 17, released March 18, 2020)
The Road (:30 clip)indie rock, mezzo mix, studio, written by
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“The Road” is a female duet from the musical Im writing; you can hear the full demo at the Bandcamp link below!
Armistice (live clip)mezzo mix, piano, live, written by
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“Armistice” is a song now encompassed by my song cycle, Comings & Goings. This is a live clip from 2018, where Im singing and playing piano.
The Lion and the Unicorn (clip)studio, soft mezzo, written by
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Also written for the musical, this is a traditional folk lyric set to Renaissance-influenced music I wrote (full track available at Bandcamp link!).
O Mio Babbino Caro (clip)legit, soprano, head voice, studio
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A bit out of my comfort zone, I recorded this with vocal group BellAria in 2010, and sang it live for our Vegas-filmed PBS special.
Unworthy of Your Love (clip)Assassins, musical theater, indie, belt
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live recording as Squeaky Fromme in Assassins
Amazing Grace (age 15)studio, head voice, indie pop
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I recorded this alternate melody of “Amazing Grace” when I was 15 for a church project -- my first recording studio experience! (hi, no longer religious AT ALL)

what key are we in? what are the words? meh, easier to let my voice just crack than hurt it trying to shriek #rocknroll

keys/vox — danny k bernstein

vox — paul bagley aka ellia j garlands

video — kyle motsinger

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