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I was writing incessantly as soon as I was able: poetry, songs, and stories by age 6, a complete novel (and many, many uncompleted) as a preteen, and was seriously writing music at 14. In college I briefly studied composition, and have continued to write stories and music that serve as platforms for my voice as a singer and actor.

In addition to my first film project, Mythos, I have written other screenplays and short stories, and I never stop writing music. Most recently I filmed Genesis, a short that I'm now developing into a feature.

The Trick

30 minutes, 10 episodes

The anti-"Girls." Five diverse  20- and 30-somethings navigate relationships old and new, approaching mid-life crises, and the travails of being variously-employed creatives in NYC.

My Mouth Hasn't Said What I Have to Say Yet.

7 short episodes

An aimless musician dealing with a decline in success wanders a new city, searching for inspiration. A melancholy mood piece. 

Chelsea and Charlie

black comedy feature

Chelsea's a high school junior who's always lived in her older sister's shadow. Now that Charlie's gone, Chelsea feels more lost than ever.

Then Charlie reappears. The problem is, only Chelsea can see her.


sci-fi feature


Faced with an impossible choice, a resourceful nurse goes on the run in the American Midwest, leaving her husband and young child at home. A female-fronted desert road-trip movie, this script riffs on womanhood, parenthood, and the future of the human race.

The Blueprint

rom-dram feature

Forced to move in with her estranged parents after a breakup, a 35-year-old artist struggles to reconcile her lifelong dreams with her frustrating reality, while finding tentative new beginnings with a hometown guy.