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Miriam Pultro

actor / singer / writer


High-Key, a collaborative cabaret of my music sung by femme friends, streams on Friday August 14th through The Tank!

- on August 1st, I launched Et Alia, a femme-fronted and -focused arts alliance, to support artists with free resources and education

- delighted to have sung for Matt DeMaria's "Vincent" rock musical, available for purchase here (proceeds go to The Miracle Project)

- acted in a horror short written and directed by Stephanie Bonner! As I'm isolated in my apartment, I had to film myself based on Steph's direction

        via Zoom, using the only equipment and apps I had access to. The indiest of indie filmmaking!

- I'm keeping myself and some friends busy with Quarantine: the Musical while NYC theater is shut down for the next ... *gestures feebly*

photos by Tim Goodwin

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