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A rock requiem starring the Brontë siblings -- Anne, most feminist and most faithful, a neosoul star; Emily, melancholy alt-rock prodigy; Branwell, full of the blues; and Charlotte, fiery frontwoman, desperate for recognition and love. A staged concept album that defies traditional musical theatre, Glass Town explores familial bonds, grief, and isolation, using the literary family as archetypal touchstones.

CyberTank Productions &

The Center at West Park present

book, music, & lyrics by Miriam Pultro

directed by Daniella Caggiano

music direction by Katrien Van Riel

'Charlotte' (vox, keys) - Miriam Pultro

'Branwell' (guitar, vox) - Eddy Marshall

'Emily' (vox, bass) - Katrien Van Riel

'Anne' (vox) - Emma Claye

drums, keys, guitar - Matt DeMaria

violin - Laura Zawarski

cello - Anthime Miller

director of photography - Stephanie Bonner

stage manager - Nick Turturro

sound engineer - Feliciano Tencos-Garcia

lighting design - Jonathan Cottle

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